Sunday, 22 January 2012

Past, Present and Future

Things went horribly wrong there for a while, and for the last few months of 2011, I couldn't bring myself to blog at all.

A bad spell of Bipolar struck and it well and truly outstayed its welcome. I recoiled back into myself and found solace under my duvet for a good few days.
Poor health all round in the family added to my already darkened mood and I lost all interest in the things I had built into my everyday routines.

I decided, with the help of my husband, to take a complete break from all things social. I really did become a recluse for a while. I didn't leave the house, other than school runs. I had shopping delivered. I shunned all invites of parties, luncheons and coffee mornings. I deactivated my Facebook and deleted my Twitter. I shied away from G+.

Then I found Instagram. This, for me, is not a 'Social Network'. It is not a place for meeting people, it is simply a place to share a common love/hobby/interest.

I have always enjoyed taking photos. I am not a photographer, and I don't pretend to be.
I've  never been any good at the 'arty' stuff. I like what I like and I try to recreate that in my photos.
I feel immensly proud of myself when I manage to capture a moment in time that makes me remember the best parts of my day, and I find that, that also goes a long why in helping with the depressive cycles of my Bipolar.

Gradually, with the help, love and support of my family and a couple of good friends, I have started  to ease my way back, gently into the real world again.
I have had a couple of play dates with Che, I have returned to Facebook, Twitter and G+ (although in a much lesser capacity than before!) And I am slowly, but surely working towards getting both my life and this blog back on track.

2012: I may be a late starter, but I'm going to make you mine!

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