Wednesday, 15 September 2010

How did that happen?

Now would you look at that?

This photo was taken today. My baby girl, who only turned 3 in July is all ready to start Nursery!
Where did those three whole years go? When did she suddenly start looking so grown up?

Bailey officially starts nursery on Tuesday, but today she donned her uniform for the very first time to attend the schools open day, at which she got to meet her class mates.

So excited was she, that even though the open 'day' didn't start until 1pm, she just had to put her uniform on as soon as we stepped through the front door, following the morning's school run with her older sisters!

She requested hair a-la Pippi Longstocking because 'I want to look cute for my teachers, Mummy' and being the very sensible girl that she is, she refused shoes in favour for her (almost) knee high black books with the 'pretty pinkidy butterflies on' (maybe we should refrain from Charlie and Lola episodes??)

Not usually big on lunch, I was expecting to have to hurry her along a little, but not today. She scoffed down her sandwiches so fast they had barely touched the sides. And with a quick gulp of juice and the inevitable 'cuff' of the mouth/nose area, she was standing in the porch asking for her coat.

Once at nursery, Bailey was shown the ropes by one of her teachers. She found her name and placed it on the board, and then went to find her peg to hang her coat up. She boldly walked through the classroom with a slight cocky swagger that would give any celeb a run for their money. She flitted about several activities before settling at the computer to listen to, what I'm assuming must surely have been the millionth time the teacher had heard 'Row, row, row your boat'

Che and I sought solace in the comfort of the window seat, with the last few remaining rays of sun beaming though and read (well, eat in Che's case) a book and chatted to a couple of the other Mum's.

All too soon our time was up and we had to find our coats before heading across the playground in search of Lauryn and Ashley.

At home, Bailey relished in telling her older sisters all about her trip to school and as she bounced around the living room like Tigger on speed, I couldn't help but remember her as a tiny baby, all cute and bundled up looking like a mole with no fur. My baby girl has grown up, and I am going to miss her dearly.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Guest blog - 'Free' State Education

The lovely Emma over at Me, the man & the baby kindly asked me to guest blog for her, while she is away at The MADs.

You can find my post here.