Monday, 11 November 2013

Back in the Game..?

While I was away, working on other projects, I dipped my hand into a few areas of life that since becoming a mother, I had all but forgotten about!

Since turning 31 in the summer, I have started to notice things that I am, lets say, less pleased with!
My weight is, of course one of them. That is something that has been put on hold as, in all honesty, I am not in the right mindset to take on this mammoth challenge at the moment. It will come in time though, I'm sure of it. For now, I am happier just focusing on some much smaller, much more achievable nuggets of my life.

Clothes, hair, beauty and make up are the things that mostly dominate my thoughts these past few months.
These are all things that I had definitely put to the back of my mind, and wardrobe, along with that beautiful dress, which is currently 3 sizes too small, but I just can't quite bring myself to part with.

I discovered that I have a great talent.. For watching YouTube!

Beauty gurus are everywhere, and what started out as a pipe dream of finding a very simple and achievable new make up look for my rare nights out, and maybe a fool proof (Is there such a thing?!)  method of getting a 'relaxed curl/wave' in my hair without it frizzing up into some kind of Side Show Bob 'do, I realised that I actually enjoyed watching these type of videos.

I love watching their "Daily Routine" videos, or "Monthly Favourites" (Did you catch my previous post?) and I absolutely love seeing what hair and skin products they use on an everyday basis.
Why? Well, I'm not really sure I know the answer to that question. Maybe as I'm getting older, I am naturally maturing, and noticing those first signs of ageing? Maybe, in a vain attempt to try and keep myself from looking like a complete frumpy old hag, I have decided to invest a little more into any 'good' looks that I am currently still clinging on to? Or maybe I am just plain old fashioned nosey? Personally, I think that it's more than a little of the latter, but in all likelihood a mixture of all of these things.

I've started to grow and paint my nails, which is something I've never really been into before, but I have to say that I am quite enjoying exploring new looks!

Nails are painted in "Soho Silver" by Kate Spade New York, and
Color Trend Dazzlers Top Coat, in Rose Golden, by Avon.

I have branched out in lip colour, and bought a daring (Not *that* daring, but I usually do nude lips) new lip crayon type thing in a kind out reddish colour, which I have surprised myself by loving! I have also started trying out different kinds of make up looks, with bolder eyes (I'm not quite there with this one yet)
I have also branched out and purchased a few different brands of foundation/BB cream/concealer to try and find one that suits my skin type, my colouring, and my time limitations (Yep, those 4 pesky kids certainly eat up my beauty regime time)

Oh, did I tell you that I now also have a 'Beauty Regime'?!

I have found a little routine that seems to work for me, and a couple of products that I really favour (Which I will tell you all about in another post, should you be interested). I am starting to feel a little happier in my skin, which, let me tell you, is no mean feat! Along side this I have also ventured into more dangerous territory, Clothing.

I was searching my wardrobe for a top to wear with a pair of leggings. I know, LEGGINGS, but I had loads on my To-Do list and I wanted to be comfortable, rather than stylish. However, saying that, It was a    warm-ish day and I didn't want to wear a jacket on the school run. I needed a top that was longer in length (to cover huge baby bump-esque midriff) and preferably nice, (to draw attention away from the fact that a fat chick was wearing leggings). You see my dilemma, right?
Unfortunately, with the exception of one top (which was in the wash) and 1 pair of jeans, every single item in my wardrobe was coloured  black.

I am slowly, but surely trying to remedy this situation by gradually bringing a little colour back into my life. I purchased a long line jumper/dress in a kind of burgundy colour, which I really like as it's comfortable and easy to wear with either leggings, jeggings, or tights. Looks equally good teamed with kneed high boots or trainers.  Shape wise, I'm not entirely sure we're suited, but one dilemma at a time, people.

For my baby Niece's Christening, I wore a dress which was not only NOT black (it was navy, but I'm trying) it also had a bird pattern on it too! (this is BIG news!)

Dress from Yours Clothing

The most important thing, especially as my 'baby' just turned 4 last month, is that I have found a way to get a bit of 'me' time, even if it is only the odd few minutes watching stunning, slim and fashion savvy young ladies show me how to try and make myself  look and feel better.

I am finally at the stage where I can start thinking about me again. I don't need to feel guilty about not being 'Mummy' for an hour (OK, that might be a small exaggeration) a day.

The point is, it makes me feel content. It's my little getaway. Is that sad? I don't know, probably, but it is what it is.

What are your guilty pleasures?