Friday, 19 November 2010

Dear so and so..

Thank you to the luvvvvly Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow for bringing back the fantabulous Dear So and So...
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Dear Che,

Oh son of mine. You are a gorgeous, happy little chap. And yes, you were such a brave boy after that nurse viciously attacked you with that needle, and yes I acknowledge the fact that you even thanked her for it by giving her your bestest ever cheeky grin and saying 'Ta'..
However, if you continue to shit your kecks every 5 minutes I WILL have to staple your arse together.
Mmmmm kay?

Love you lots
Mumma x


Dear venues in Norwich

Sort out your licencing for private hire of your function rooms. Organising a wedding is hard enough without SO many of you not allowing under 18's on the premises after 8pm.

Yours flabbergasted


Dear Hubby to be,

Coming home that drunk after only 2 hours down the pub with your mate and making me drive him home because he is vomiting too much to get a cab is NOT cool. Got it?

Love your future wifey.


Dear Dr.

The fact that I am now on first name terms with your receptionist AND that she now recognises my voice each time I call and greets me with 'Morning Miss Lewis' before I've even introduced myself, tells me that I spend far too much time in your office.

With the above in mind, I would really appreciate it if you could stop sodding me about and start correctly diagnosing. I believe that is what you are paid so highly to do, is it not?

Please, I'm begging you.. Do me a favour and get it right already.

Yours, hopefully..


Dear Dave the cat,

Seriously dude, If you knock one more thing over with your big arse I will confine you to the shed.
I don't care if it's cold and you would rather sleep on top of the Sky+ box to keep warm.. (Which incidentally keeps overheating because it now has a load of your bloody fur stuck in its vents) I *will* do it, you just try me..

Love your (very annoyed) owner

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Copy Cat Royals...

There's nothing like a Royal stealing your thunder is there?

Born 4 days apart, in hospitals less then 4 miles from eachother in London, myself and Prince William share more then just a Zodiac sign.

(Photo from the BBC News website)

Today came the announcement that William is to marry Kate Middleton in the summer of 2011.
See the BBC News article here.

This exciting news comes a mere 8 days after my very own wedding announcement!

With my wedding set to take place exactly 7 days following my 29th birthday (3 days following his) in June 2011, I am left eagerly awaiting the date of the other 'wedding of the year'!

I wonder if William will follow my lead yet again by marrying the beautiful Kate within days of me getting hitched to my beau?
Only time will tell I guess. I for one, will be eagerly waiting for news of their big day!