Friday, 30 September 2011

Love for photos

I am certainly no photographer. I'm not trying to be one either. I have no desire to 'make a living' from photography.

Ever since the children were born I have taken hundreds upon hundreds of photos of them. Some are total rubbish. Blurry, over exposed bits of tat. Yet they all hold memories.

In the past few months I have found Instagram. A mobile app that showcases your photos to your followers. I love it!

I follow some amazingly talented photographers and some equally talented amateurs I can't get enough!

I photograph things I enjoy looking at. The sun, trees, buildings such as churches, castles and cathedrals. Wildlife, landscapes, and of course, the occasional picture of my children.

If you would like to see my photos you can find me by searching for either "KezLewis" or "Kerry H".

Oh, and do check out the 'popular' section, there are some beautiful photographs there :-)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Dora's going on an adventure!

"Break out your dancing shoes because Dora the Explorer’s dance class is having a big show! In this brand new special Dora Ballet Adventure, Dora is opening the ballet show and she can’t wait for her family to see her perform. She just needs her dance slippers, but by mistake the Delivery Duck has brought scuba flippers instead! The show can’t start without the slippers. Can Boots help Dora find a pair of dance slippers and save the show?"

Having two hardcore Dora the Explorer fans in the house (and 2 more that pretend they are far too old to watch Dora, but are secretly glued to the TV whenever she appears!)when I was asked to review the new Dora feature show, 'Dora's Ballet Adventure' my house was filled with overjoyed screams and shouts!

Since seeing the TV promotional advertisements of the show, all four of my children have been very excited about seeing it (I have 3 very enthusiastic Ballet dancers in my brood!)So when I told the kids that we were getting the DVD to watch before it airs (Tomorrow, Friday 30th September, at 4pm on Nick Jr.)they were overjoyed, as was I, Dora = Peace in this house!

I have the full review coming up for you tomorrow to co-inside with the launch, but for now, set your TV recorders to Nick Jr and catch this magical exciting adventure with Dora and all of her friends, it's a guarenteed hit for any budding ballerinas out there!

Want to see what all of the fuss is about?

Watch a preview of Dora's Ballet Adventure here.
Play the game here.
Colour here.
and check out Dora's very own part of the Nick Jr. website here.

Dora's Ballet Adventure will be showing on Nick Jr. on the following days at the following times, make sure you catch her!

Friday 30th September at 4pm and 6pm
Saturday 1st October 10.30am and 5pm
Sunday 2nd October at 1pm
Monday 3rd October – 8.30am and 4.30pm
Tuesday 4th October – 10.00am
Wednesday 5th October – 2pm
Friday 7th October – 4.30pm