Thursday, 17 February 2011

Getting there.. *Extract*

This blog is an extract from my wedding blog.

I have the dress, I have the shoes. I also have the boquet on order.

Lauryn, Ashley and Bailey's dresses are great and they look soo cute in them!

We have an appointment to give our 'notice' with the registrar and today I booked the DJ for the reception!

There's still a lot to do and only 4 months to get it all done, but things are slowly starting to come together now, and things are getting crossed off the list.

The next big things are the decorations, shoes (for all four children) and the 'boys' outfits, which are still undecided upon. *Hits Andy 'round the head in a desperate attempt to get a decision*

The kids are going through yet more phases of sickness, so I am beyond happy to have managed to cross a couple of things off this week.

I'm feeling a little more possitive about the whole wedding thing, which is starting to creep up on us fast!

On a very exciting note (for me and no one else!) I received my Cybermummy conference ticket the other day :) I am really looking forward to meeting all the other parent bloggers whom I speak to daily on Twitter.

Of course, I am also very much looking forward to spending an entire night away with my new husband, minus the children.

That's not to say that I am not very nervous and apprehensive about our night's stay.
It's a HUGE thing for me and the children (and Nanny and Grandad 'Glasses' too), as it's new, and the children have never been left for more than a couple of hours.

I do think that Andy's parents are probably more nervous than me though, the poor things will probably be begging us to return and be pulling their hair out after half a day with our brood!

They are good kids though, and they are beyond excited to be having a sleep over.
They have already declared which rooms and beds they would like to sleep in and what they would like to eat for tea!

But for now, I'm happy just to be crossing things from lists. We will encourage/console the Grandparents nearer the time..