Saturday, 8 January 2011

Help me, Help you!

I've been a 'Mummy Blogger' for a full year now, and although my life with my four children is hectic, I try and post as often as I can.

Life Through A Sippy Cup is a family friendly blog, for which I write open and honest posts about my daily life with my 3 daughters (aged 7, 6, and 3) and my son (14months).

I have also written reviews for some high profile companies like The BBC, Playskool Toys, Olay and Haven Holidays.
I am always looking to improve myself, and my blog, so when I heard about last years Cybermummy event, (which, unfortunately I couldn't attend) I knew that I needed to try and get there in 2011. However, I need some help, in the form of sponsorship.

I have never left my children for longer then a couple of hours, so having a night away from them all is nerve wracking, but much needed. So what could clinch the deal? A proposal, of course!

My partner of 10 years and I have decided to make the most of my impromptu night away and get married the day prior to the Cybermummy conference!!

What better publicity then a Cybermummy Honeymoon to get YOUR product/brand noticed?!

The lovely ladies over at the Cybermummy blog have already written a post about my upcoming nuptials and I have had countless messages and requests from conference attendees to bring photos and offers of champagne celebrations!

Just imagine, if I should be wearing a shirt or badge bearing your brand or product name when all of these people come to congratulate me on becoming the new Mrs. H?!
Have a look at what I can offer you:
  • Blog post about your product(s)/Brand (Value £75)
  • A further blog post offering a giveaway/discount promotion. (If interested, Value unknown)
  • Shared links to your site on Twitter and Facebook (Value unknown)
  • A badge or an advertisement on my blog until 31st December 2011. (Value £400)
  • Original copy for your website.
  • A blog post solely about your provided sponsorship. (Value £75)
  • A link back to your website on every post regarding CyberMummy 2011. (Value £150)
  • Publicity at the CyberMummy event via word of mouth, provided leaflets/merchandise, badges/T-shirt baring your logo/brand name. (Value unknown)
  • Sponsors hash tag in all tweets referring to Cybermummy. (Value unknown)
In return I would require sponsorship for the following:
  • CyberMummy 2011 entrance ticket    £80.00*
  • Accmodation (1 night)                        £95.00
  • Travel expenses                                 £80.00**
Total amount of sponsorship required £255.00.
*£80.00 CyberMummy 2011 'Early Bird' entrance ticket. Normal price £100.00.
**Denotes 70% of travel costs
As you can see, I am not asking for full sponsorship. (although, should you wish to sponsor me fully, I would be eternally grateful!)
The prices detailed above do not include food/drinks or any other 'extras'. They also do not include any expenses for my for my future husband.
Due to my wedding being held the day prior to the Cybermummy event and my being at the conference on my honeymoon, there will be a lot of blog posts referring to Cybermummy, so you really would be getting your monies worth! Also most other bloggers would be removing their sponsors advertisements/badges on the 1st July 2011, mere days after the event, I am prepared to have your brand/products displayed until the end of the year.
If you are interested in helping, or know anyone who could, please do get in contact, and help make this year, the best year of my life.
Thank you!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bumping Uglies?! *contains adult language*

Why do so many people frown upon the word 'Sex', yet favour slang words like 'Bumping Uglies'?
I mean seriously, what's so wrong with sex?

I hate the mushy, 'romantic' terms like 'Making Love' too. You can't 'make love'. You either have it, or you don't.

I cringe every time I hear those words muttered, either in real life or on T.V. Does anyone really find the words 'Let's make love' in any way arousing?

We seem to live in a culture now, where you have to have fun when having sex. When I say fun, I don't mean enjoyment, because, of course, sex has to be enjoyable for the both of you (or more, if that's your thing) What I mean by fun in this respect is 'a giggle', 'a laugh', 'a joke'.

I don't get it!

If Drew were to strut up behind me one night while I'm in the middle of the washing up and whisper seductively in my ear "Do you fancy a game of 'hide the sausage'?" I can honestly say that it would not put me in the right mood at all, in fact quite the opposite!

I'm not prudish (as some people seem to think), but I don't like childishness in these grown up situations.

I spend my days with four young children, wiping snotty noses and shitty arses, when it comes to 'grown up time' I want it to be just that. A clear distinction, not baby talk, silly rhymes or stupid slang. I want adult company, and adult conversation and adult play in the bedroom.

I don't mind lovey dovey, long slow seductive kisses and hot breathless encounters, in fact, that's great, as long as all the ridiculous clich├ęs aren't tagging along for the ride.

Then there's the fabulous 'Mummy Sex' aka the quicky before the kids come home/wake up/wonder where you've snuck off to for 5 minutes, which requires no 'funny business' as there simply is no time. It's all about the lust, and the need to be an adult for those few brief moments.

Dirty talk is fine, in fact it's encouraged, as is role play, dressing up and the like.It makes things a little more exciting and grown up and fun (in a proper sense of the word!)

Maybe I'm old before my time? Maybe I'm just desperately craving some adult interaction at the end of my days with the children? But is that so wrong?

So teenagers and you, if you prefer, can keep the slang phrases:
'Shagging', 'Bonking', 'Potting the pink', 'Humping','Banging', 'Boning' and 'Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow' because, somehow, none of these words get my pulse racing..

Monday, 3 January 2011

Good News Story

This is Christopher Sands, a 26 year old Singer with his band, Ebullient, from Timberland, Lincs.

Christopher's story was featured in the news back in January 2010 when it was revealed that this poor chap had a serious case of the hiccups!

You may now be thinking, 'Jeez, slow news day, or what?!'  But Chris' bout of hiccups lasted  for almost 3 years!!!

Nothing seemed to stop them and Christopher claims to have hiccuped around 20 million times, some occurring every 2 seconds, since they started in February 2007!

After his story was featured on T.V, a Japanese medic suggested that he may have a brain tumour, and investigations began.

Sure enough, a benign tumour was found, which, if left untreated could have enlarged and killed him.

Following a successful operation to remove it, Christopher was finally curred of hiccups.

Unfortunately, due to the tumours whereabouts, its removal has left Chris was numbness in his left leg and loss of use in his left arm.

However, Christopher remains upbeat and says
"I don't regret having the operation at all. I could not have left the tumour there anyway - it's also a huge relief not to hiccup any more.
Hopefully, with exercise, my left arm will get better."

What a lovely story?!
OK, it wasn't a 'perfect' story, but had it not been for those hiccups and a brilliant diagnosis from a Japanese medic via T.V, Christopher may not be alive today. Gotta keep counting those blessings.

*American pig farmer Charles Osborne suffered the longest bout of hiccups ever - for 68 years, from 1922 to 1990. They stopped as mysteriously as they had begun.

(source, The Sun.)