Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Finding peace

For those of you that know me well, you will be aware that I don't do 'me time'.

It's not a lack of wanting, or perhaps lusting would be a better word? It is simply a lack of, well, time..

You see, four children, 2 cats and a husband just leaves little room for me, especially when you add on the after school clubs, toddler groups, essential shopping trips, family obligations, housework, homework, PTA and school friends committee commitments that I have too. Oh and lets not forget my frequent doctor and therapist appointments..

My husband keeps telling me that now the three girls are all at school full time, I will have some 'Me' time  and that I should rest up and do things that I want to do. Yet it really isn't all that simple, is it?

Our little man will turn 2 years in a few weeks and he is at the 'independant, yet seriously lacking in sufficient skills' stage of life and therefore requires a lot of attention and interaction. He is overly active, all the time, and thus also requires a nap. This nap can range anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 and a half hours across the middle of the day, so my time is very much dictated to his moods and whims. Doing 'what I want' isn't usually an option.

Husband also neglects the fact that doing what I want does not often involve dragging a mischievous toddler around like a rocket ship in a vain attempt to stop him a) screaming b) throwing things at me or passers by c) sitting in the middle of the street because he neither wants to be in a stroller nor have the embarrassment of holding his mothers hand, and d) running off in the direction that I've just spent the past 20 minutes coaxing him to come.


Yesterday, husband had a late start at work, so we did the school run together, much to the delight of the children, who get very excited at little changes to our normal mundane routine.
I then had the pleasure of driving hubs into work for 9.30am. So, what to do, I thought to myself..

I have to drive straight past the entrance to the Mall car park, so I thought it rude not to pay it a quick visit.
Parked up and ready to go, the little man and I hit Norwich City. We window shopped, read some books in the library, checked out the newly refurbished Marks and Spencer (Yep, I'm so rock 'n roll aren't I?!)
and grabbed a  Boots meal deal to share for lunch on the way back to the car.

11.32am and I was already City'd out! It was a lovely day, warm, sunny and beautifully autumnal with gorgeous oranges, reds and browns starting to spring up all around the car as I made my way out of the City.

I decided to take a more scenic route home and enjoy the colours and peace (Che had just fallen asleep in his car seat) when I happened to find myself driving past a park. I had only visited this particular park once before and the kids and I loved it, so I thought why not, and pulled into the little car park.

Grabbing the stroller and our lunch we headed off.

I think I'll let my photos do the talking now..

The sunlight filtering through the trees was stunning!

The colourful, crispy autumn leaves were amazing

Che and I ate our lunch on this bench, with the leaves falling all around us!

My happy boy on the swing!