Monday, 2 December 2013

November Favourites!

So November came and went and left some lasting memories for my family.
Here are my favourites!

Organised Mum

If you have never heard of Organised Mum then you are in for a treat! I love their products and have been purchasing their Family Weekly Planner every year since I became a mother of 4! Seriously, this is the only calendar I can find that allows sufficient space for all 6 of us! I also love their Family Life Book Diary. I have just ordered mine for 2014!


Another fab company, Vistaprint  allows you to do all kinds of things for great prices! I ordered my wedding stationary from here, as well as my blog logo'd tote bag, pen, notepad, and business cards for when I am attending events and conferences.
I have just made up and ordered some gorgeous post card sized photo flip books which are adorable and make great little gifts for friends and family at Christmas time!

French Bread

I don't eat bread. Well, not usually. However I do make an exception for French Bread. Not just your everyday crusty baguette, nope, it absolutely, positively, has to be made with French flour. Amazballs.

Flavoured Coffee

This also made an appearance in my October Favourites, but this time it's Nescafe's Irish Cream Latte that has been doing it for me.
Gorgeous, smooth and creamy. It's a must try!

Ed'sEasy Diner

Hubby and I had a rare night away from the kids, so we decided to treat ourselves to a spot of lunch at
Ed's Easy Diner in Norwich.
This place is fab! Great staff, great service, great food, *AMAZING* Ice cream Shakes!
The decor is fantastic and makes you feel like you are in the movie Grease! The miniature duke boxes on the tables are a nice touch with your 20p per song selection going to charity.

Lauryn's 10th Birthday

Yep, I am now officially a mother of a 10 year old. How the heck did that happen?!
Laser Tag followed by Pizza Hut. What a wonderful day.


Remember, remember the 5th of November? Yep, me too! We celebrated with friends at our local Scout Hut which put on not one, but two beautiful displays.

What has been your favourite thing about November?