Friday, 10 September 2010

Young Love

My 5 year old daughter, Ashley came home from school with this picture.
It is a lovely picture that she drew of herself and a boy in her class, Alex.

At first, she hid this from me, choosing instead to take her older sister Lauryn upstairs to their bedroom and show her. There were many hushed whispers emerging from their room until finally, Lauryn let out an almighty gasp before running downstairs to me with the picture clutched firmly in her hand.

"Mummy, Mummy! Guess what? Ashley's got a boyfriend, look!"

Reluctantly, Ashley emerged from her room and slowly makes her way to the living room. She was in tears.

After two continuous hours of crying, sobbing and wiping away snot, I finally got out of her why she was so upset.

Lauryn was tasked with the job of telling me that her sister has a boyfriend because Ashley, in her own words was 'too nervous' (Bless!) It turns out that Ashley took the initiative and asked her beau to be her boyfriend and (I think to her absolute surprise) Alex accepted.
Only now, Ashley has realised that having a boyfriend at the age of 5 is a huge responsibility and is now regretting the situation immensely!

Finally calming her down, we discussed how to break the news to poor little Alex. She decided that she would like to write him a letter to let him down gently... (Such a sensitive soul)

All is now as it should be, and my darling little Ash is calm once again. Having said that, I am absolutely dreading the teen years, with 3 girls and a little man. Hearts being broken, tears staining pillows and random thoughts of boyfriend swapping, clothes and makeup stealing and obsessions with siblings friends.. *pauses for breath* I'm left wondering if having four children was one of my better ideas?!