Sunday, 6 February 2011

Takeaway Jamie Oliver

The Sun newspaper is currently running a promotion everyday in their paper between 5th and 11th February 2011 for you to collect tokens which are instantly redeemable at Tesco stores against the complete 12 episode series of Jamie Oliver's 'Jamie at Home'.

The promotion starts with the first voucher in The Sun's Buzz Magazine, on the 5th and continues with daily tokens featured in the paper.

I have to admit that I find Jamie Oliver somewhat of an annoyance with his so called 'cheeky' Essex come London banter. With words and phrases like 'Little Tiger', 'Herbage' and 'That's rock 'n roll' where some may find this endearing or fresh, I find cheesey and cringworthy.

My personal dislike of Jamie Oliver aside, I actually really enjoyed this series. It is well thought out and cleverly produced.

I loved the fact that it wasn't filmed in a show home kitchen, like most celebrity chef's shows. Jamie at Home had a much more relaxed feel about it, set mainly in his garden complete with an outside oven and barbecue. I also thought that the fact that all the vegetables used in the series were from his own organic vegetable garden was an original and welcome feature. 

Jamie's gardener, Brian Skilton also featured heavily in the show, offering up some very knowledgeable tips and facts about the food being used in each show. Jamie himself also produces some great gardening tips for the avid veggie grower like 'heeling in' (Episode 3) and 'Clamping' (Episode 4).

The show kicks off with 'Furred Game' and animal lovers will not appreciate the opening scenes of Oliver shooting rabbits and the talk of culling deer, however, if you are a true foodie, then you will certainly appreciate the fresh, organic nature of this show.

'Italian made Essex' is a heavy influence throughout the show, and its definitely not for those of us on calorie controlled diets. However, if you are looking for fresh, organic, tasty home cooked food, Jamie at Home is most definitely for you!.

Sound good? Wish you had your own copy of the series? Missed some of the tokens in The Sun?

Fret not hungry people as I have a copy of the entire Jamie at Home series to give away to one very lucky blog reader!  

All you have to do to win your very own copy is to write a comment below and a winner will be picked at random on Friday 11th February 2011.

The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday 12 February 2011.