Saturday, 18 December 2010

A little wedding blog

This is a little taster from my wedding website, which will be going live in the new year.


So we are all booked and ready to go. How exciting!

I'm not really a big wedding kind of person. I much perfer going to other couple's weddings so I can relax without the children and get drunk!

The expense is a big issue for me. I simply don't get it!
The moment you mention the 'W' word, people start talking 'Budgets','Big white dresses' and 'Honeymoon's of a lifetime'

The simple, small and family focussed wedding seems, for most, to be a huge dissapointment. For us, however, it is utterly perfect.

We have been together for over a decade. We have the house, we have the four children, we have the family pets, we have everything we need. Why would we opt for a big extravagant, bank balance busting wedding?
For us it is all about our little family. We are not traditionalists, we have four children for goodness sake! We are not actively religious, that's not to say that we are athiests however.

For us, a big white church wedding would feel hypicritical. If that's your thing then that's great, but for us, it's not suitable.  Yes, churches are beautiful. Yes, they provide perfect backdrops for all of those 'must have' photos. But seriously, is that a reason to get hitched under the watchful eye of God? No. We don't believe so.

So there you have it, a small, personal and intimate wedding, with a non religious setting, which may not be as asthetically pleasing as a beautifully, architectural, historic building, but it's perfect for us!

It's strange to be saying that we are getting hitched after 10 years together. However, having said that, we love the fact that our four children will be such a huge part of our day, and that, for us makes it our wedding so much more special.

We are blessed to have such an amazing family with whom to celebrate our day with, and many great friends to help us relax and party with a few drinks afterwards.

6 months and 6 days to go... Bring it on! :)