Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Wedding

For those of you that know me well, you will know why it has taken 25 days to publish a blog all about 'The Big Day'

I won't go into further details here and now, but will throw myself into this blog post instead.

Friday June 24th 2011: The day I became Mrs. H.

11 years, 4 children, 2 cats, 5 house moves, and 4 cars. And NOW we are getting around to tying the knot..

The ceremony was held at Norwich Registry Office, in it's Churchman Suite at 4pm.

We arrived in style, in our Hyundai ix 35 Premium (Massive thanks to everyone at Hyundai (especially Jos) for giving us the car for the week!)

We wanted short, sweet and intimate.
37 of our nearest and dearest attended. Lots of them were children.

My dress was by Debut at Debenhams and was in 'Cadbury Purple'
It was strapless, had a lace up back and a small train. I don't 'do' dresses but this one was lovely. I didn't want white. I'm not a traditionalist. I wanted purple and that's exactly what I got.

Drew and Che wore plain black suits with lilac shirts and ties that matched the purple of my dress.
Lauryn, Ashley and Bailey wore purple tired organza dresses which complimented my dress perfectly.
There were my bargain buy at £16 each from Matalan!

Everything went well, apart from us forgetting all of our bouquets... Yep, seriously!
Oh and my little nephew, Harry, belching the frogs chours in the middle of our vows, which made both Drew and I (and everyone else in the room, bar our Registrar, who was very straight laced) fall about in fits of giggles.

In the next blog I shall reveal our music choices and readings from the ceremony and a couple more photos (yes, I know I shall be lynched if I do not provide some more photos..)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Quick view! #CMWedCar

This is part two of the Cybermummy/Hyundai #CMWedCar VLog!
Once again, you may have already seen this on the day, but as I said in the previous blog, Hyundai UK most definitely deserve all the plugs I can give them after being so amazingly fabulous!

YouTube Video

If you would like to find out more about the gorgeous Hyundai ix35 Premium, you can take a virtual tour here.

Hyundai #CMWedCar

So I have finally managed to get everything sorted after the wedding and Honeymoon and of course Cybermummy!

This was posted on Twitter on The day, but I thought I'd add an official blog post for the lovely people at Hyundai, especially Jos who was amazing! (Thank you soo much, lady!)

VLog 1 on our way to Cybermummy :-)

YouTube Video

NB : This was filmed at 6am the morning after our wedding day, tired doesn't come close!!

Silent Sunday

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