Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Exploring Shapes

This weeks prompt for Tara's Gallery is 'Shapes'.

It got me thinking about food, nature and architecture.

Suddenly, while watching my little man play, inspiration struck and I remembered some photos that I had taken a few months back on his 1st birthday.

So, here you go... Shapes!

Monday, 31 January 2011

It's the little things..

It's the little things that I love.
The little seemingly insignificant things that bring me the most joy and pride in my family.

Removing myself from a room, allowing myself to listen to the children play and interact with their Daddy.
Sneaking peeks through the banister rails to watch my three daughters playing together so nicely.

Sitting back and observing my little man playing with his new toys and learning soo fast.
Watching my two cats laying together to sun themselves on the side of the road.
Our Sunday family walks.
Our little days out together.
Watching my 7 year old daughter get so overly excited about every little thing, truly busting with joy and anticipation.
Seeing my 6 year old grow from a child into a young lady, taking huge interests in fashion, music, and make up.
Giggling at my 3 year old copying her older sisters and coming up with some very cheeky backchat!
Realising how much my little boy has learnt. More and more clear words everyday, always soo happy and content.

How could I not love the little things? How could anyone neglect to see these moments?
This is what life is about.

I honestly can't put down in words just how fantastic my life is.