Friday, 20 August 2010

Summer Holiday

Here are a few photos of our break at Park Resorts, Warden Springs, on the Isle of Sheppey.
My 3 girls with 'Sparky'
The 'Terrorist' 3 year old.
Me and my family.
The 6 year old, on stage!

Me and my little Dude.

The Wheatsheaf Inn - A review

Wheatsheaf Inn

Warden Road
ME12 4HA
t: 01795 880318

Set on a long winding country lane, the Wheatsheaf Inn doesn't look much from the outside, but don't let appearances fool you.

Inside the pub is clean and spacious.
The main bar has a lovely old feel about it with the regulars tankards hanging from original oak beams in all their glory.

8 of us plus a 9month old baby sat down for a meal and we were all accommodated well despite the fact that we had just walked in from the street and had no prior booking.

The lovely owner showed us to our table and handed us the menus.

The little kids opted for their usual of chicken nuggets, chips and baked beans.
The two teenagers went for the beef burger meals. All from the Children's menu.

The prices were good and the portions were generous.

From the main menu, I opted for the Vegetable burger and the other two adults in the group went for the Chicken Curry with rice and the Lamb Shank with Jacket Potato, respectively.

The meals were cooked in good time and didn't disappoint. The portions again were very generous, given their price.

We all had drinks of course, ranging from squash and Fruit Shoots to Coke and even a few alcoholic beverages.

Then came dessert.. WOW!

The kids chose Vanilla Ice Cream with a choice of either Chocolate or Strawberry sauce, and with 3 scoops being the standard, they all had huge grins on their faces!

A few of us chose the Chocolate Fudge Cake, with either whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Again the size of the portions were nothing to be sniffed at. The apple crumble came with an overdose of custard, much to the delight of the man of the group!

Our waitress/chef was very kind and helpful, and openly chatted to both the adults and children in the group.

The service was prompt and extremely customer focused.

Expecting a huge bill at the end of our visit, to say that we were lost for words would have been an understatement!

The whole meal, including deserts and drinks for the 8 of us came to under £50!!

We all left the Wheatsheaf Inn full of delicious food and needing to go on a diet, but knowing that we could afford to splash out on those few extra gym sessions to help us along the way!

Holiday Review - Warden Springs, Park Resorts

Warden Springs,
Park Resorts
Isle of Sheppey

This was a last minute holiday for me and my four children.

My Mum had booked a caravan for the week and my sister and her family, who originally were to be holidaying with Mum, unfortunately couldn't make it, so we stepped in to replace them.

Mum has been on many a Park Resort holiday in her time, but this was my first time.

After the long drive down from Norfolk, we entered a somewhat grotty, small looking camp. Although the grey, damp weather didn't help matters.

Caravans were placed haphazardly, some laid up on bricks to prevent them from sinking into the ground.
The reception was small and despite us being the only people in there, we were rushed through our 'greeting' and hurriedly told where our caravan was situated.

Upon finding our caravan, we found it to be clean and spacious. However we soon realised that it lacked certain necessities, like a working can opener, a vegetable peeler and oven essentials like a second rack or any baking trays!

We walked the 3 minutes to the park shop and were extremely disappointed to find that it was no bigger then our caravan kitchen/dining area and stocked very little!
When we asked where the nearest supermarket was, we were informed that it was over 13miles away in Sittingbourne, back across the Sheppey Crossing on the mainland.

A little frustrated, we decided to head out to the on park restaurant for dinner instead.

The 'restaurant', and I put this in inverted commas, as it was actually a small kitchen located to the side of the bar in the main entertainment area (which again was incredibly small)
The music was blasting out from the in house DJ, Carl (one of only 2 'Funstars') while we were trying to eat.
The food was overcooked , tasteless and very pricey.

The call for Bingo went up at about 6.30pm, they asked for interested participants to raise their hands.
Mum was very keen, but when only 3 hands raised, Carl announced that they needed at least 11 people over the age of 18, in order to play.
We looked around the room in astonishment, there were clearly less then 11 people in the room and the majority of them were obviously under the age of 18years!
And thus the trend was set for each night of our weeks stay..

The children's 'Sparky's Funtime' entertainment didn't start until 8pm every night, which I personally thought was very late. Although the children enjoyed it, each night they were forced to play the exact same games, which was painstakingly brain numbing for us parents.

We managed to find Tesco Supermarket in Sheerness on the Island, after googling the area and calling their customer services line to make sure it was an actual supermarket and not an express store (Thank you Tesco!)

We visited the nearby Leysdown and spent some time on the beach there, before the immensely quick tide came in!

We also took a tour of Sheerness' high street and had a bit of retail therapy. The nearby McDonald's sheltering us from a freak rain storm!

Overall the experience was enjoyable, but you make the holiday what it is, luckily, or else, you would be hugely disappointed with this particular park.

Notice that I didn't mention swimming?
That is because there was only 1 pool, which was outdoors, and tiny!
We did not use this during our trip.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bright and shiny!!

Hello and welcome to my relaunched blog!

I have decided to change a few things so thought I would come out all guns blazing, with not only a new blog but a brand spanking new name to go with it!

What do you think?!

Watch this space for new posts which shall be coming very very soon!