Sunday, 17 October 2010

Everybody loves a surprise

After returning home from an exhausting day out with the family, the last thing I expected to find on my door mat was a gift.

Opening the box, I wondered what I had received. To my great delight it was a bar of Fair trade 'Divine' chocolate!

Wow! What a lovely surprise!
Who was the gorgeous person to send me such a gift? A great friend? A family member? My loving partner?
No, no and erm, no..
It was the lovely people at O2!

Now, I know that I was not the only person to receive this yummy gift, but I didn't know it was coming. I had no idea! What a fantastic gimmick!

I'm quite picky with my chocolate, finding Galaxy too milky and Cadbury's a little 'chalky', so imagine my surprise when (and I must admit, I hadn't ever seen this particular brand of chocolate bar in shops) it tasted just as 'Divine' as it's name!

In fact this chocolate bar was so bloody gorgeous, I ate the whole thing there and then (reluctantly sharing one solitary square with Drew)

So there you have it, take a mobile phone company, and a chocolate bar manufacture. Add a great idea, which will cost them virtually nothing but reap huge rewards, and voilá, thousands of very very happy current and potential customers.

Everybody loves a surprise. Especially one so deliciously edible.