Monday, 3 January 2011

Good News Story

This is Christopher Sands, a 26 year old Singer with his band, Ebullient, from Timberland, Lincs.

Christopher's story was featured in the news back in January 2010 when it was revealed that this poor chap had a serious case of the hiccups!

You may now be thinking, 'Jeez, slow news day, or what?!'  But Chris' bout of hiccups lasted  for almost 3 years!!!

Nothing seemed to stop them and Christopher claims to have hiccuped around 20 million times, some occurring every 2 seconds, since they started in February 2007!

After his story was featured on T.V, a Japanese medic suggested that he may have a brain tumour, and investigations began.

Sure enough, a benign tumour was found, which, if left untreated could have enlarged and killed him.

Following a successful operation to remove it, Christopher was finally curred of hiccups.

Unfortunately, due to the tumours whereabouts, its removal has left Chris was numbness in his left leg and loss of use in his left arm.

However, Christopher remains upbeat and says
"I don't regret having the operation at all. I could not have left the tumour there anyway - it's also a huge relief not to hiccup any more.
Hopefully, with exercise, my left arm will get better."

What a lovely story?!
OK, it wasn't a 'perfect' story, but had it not been for those hiccups and a brilliant diagnosis from a Japanese medic via T.V, Christopher may not be alive today. Gotta keep counting those blessings.

*American pig farmer Charles Osborne suffered the longest bout of hiccups ever - for 68 years, from 1922 to 1990. They stopped as mysteriously as they had begun.

(source, The Sun.)

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