Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011!

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I really am *that* sad, that I am writing this in real time and it has not been scheduled!

I would just like to wish all of my lovely readers, family, friends and Tweeps a very, very happy new year.

2010 was a bit rubbish for me, but 2011 holds a couple of exciting things for me.

June in particular, holds not one, not two, but three events!

June 17th, I will turn 29. Just one year off the big 3-0! A full week later on
June 24th, I will be marrying my lovely fella of (by then) 11years, Drew. The very next day on
June 25th, I shall be meeting lots of you lovely Cybermummy's on my honeymoon!!!

I can't wait for the Summer to begin!

Have a brilliant 2011 everyone, I hope yours is as fun and exciting as mine is going to be! xx


  1. Oh, you are sooo old and sad... ;-)

    Can't wait to meet you in June *happy dance*

  2. I know ;) Rubbish isn't it?! lol
    Can't wait to meet you either honey x