Friday, 30 September 2011

Love for photos

I am certainly no photographer. I'm not trying to be one either. I have no desire to 'make a living' from photography.

Ever since the children were born I have taken hundreds upon hundreds of photos of them. Some are total rubbish. Blurry, over exposed bits of tat. Yet they all hold memories.

In the past few months I have found Instagram. A mobile app that showcases your photos to your followers. I love it!

I follow some amazingly talented photographers and some equally talented amateurs I can't get enough!

I photograph things I enjoy looking at. The sun, trees, buildings such as churches, castles and cathedrals. Wildlife, landscapes, and of course, the occasional picture of my children.

If you would like to see my photos you can find me by searching for either "KezLewis" or "Kerry H".

Oh, and do check out the 'popular' section, there are some beautiful photographs there :-)

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