Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Copy Cat Royals...

There's nothing like a Royal stealing your thunder is there?

Born 4 days apart, in hospitals less then 4 miles from eachother in London, myself and Prince William share more then just a Zodiac sign.

(Photo from the BBC News website)

Today came the announcement that William is to marry Kate Middleton in the summer of 2011.
See the BBC News article here.

This exciting news comes a mere 8 days after my very own wedding announcement!

With my wedding set to take place exactly 7 days following my 29th birthday (3 days following his) in June 2011, I am left eagerly awaiting the date of the other 'wedding of the year'!

I wonder if William will follow my lead yet again by marrying the beautiful Kate within days of me getting hitched to my beau?
Only time will tell I guess. I for one, will be eagerly waiting for news of their big day!


  1. Get him told! I wouldn't be having any of it.

    2011 is YOUR wedding year. How very dare he ;)

    Teehee xx

  2. My wedding is the day BEFORE CyberMummy, so if he picks June 25th I'll be livid!!!! lol x

  3. Exactly Beckickles... The bloody cheek of him, eh? ;)x

  4. LOL! We got married on the same weekend as the Queen's Jubilee so we'd get an extra paid day of honeymoon - think about it ;)