Friday, 12 November 2010

Dieters Dream?

With my wedding and CyberMummy just 7 months away, I need to get dieting and exercising like never before!

Having four children in under 6 years has definitely taken it's toll on my body. I used to be a svelte size 6 and theses days you can add a '1' in front of that number. *sobs into pillow*

During the past 7 years (Goodness! Has it really been seven years?!) my diet and body weight have yo-yo'd somewhat.

I'd never had a problem with my weight before I became a mother. However this trait seems to run in my family. Weight has been an issue with all of the female members of the family since they had children. I don't know why this is. A genetic thing? Laziness? Poor portion control? or maybe it's a case of simply making wrong food choices?

I've tried lots of diets over my 'motherhood' years so far and most have worked to a certain extent, however I've had real difficulty maintaining these diets. I know that this is from my own personal lack of commitment and self control.

Bad choices are easier to make. They're simpler. Often quicker and more convenient. Less draining.

The stupid thing is that I know I'm on a never ending circle! I'm tired, constantly, I get grumpy, I often eat when I'm not actually hungry, I don't drink enough and aside from walking and the usual running about with the kids, I don't exercise regularly.

I know that my diet contributes to mostly everything I've mentioned above, yet it takes great willpower to break this cycle and by doing almost exactly the opposite of what I'm doing now will actually make me feel (and look) a hell of a lot better. I am, however, seriously lacking in the willpower department.

Then I saw this. In this article, professor Mark Haub who is a teacher of human nutrition at Kansas State University, lost an incredible 27lbs in just two months eating an unhealthy diet of Chocolate, chips, and cakes!

What an extraordinary discovery! Now I'm obviously not condoning this kind of 'diet' and I'm certainly not intending on trying it myself, but it does go to show that it is all about controlling your intake.

I am starting my wedding/CyberMummy diet on Monday morning.
(Yes I am aware that this is putting things off that little bit longer, but I have a couple of pre-arranged things in the diary already, which really aren't diet friendly!)

I am planning on mostly calorie counting and for the first few weeks I'm going to do this with Dr Haub's discovery in mind. If I fancy some chocolate,or a chip shop dinner, as long as it comes within my daily calorie intake, I'm going to have it. I of course will be eating a mostly healthy diet and I will be upping my exercise too.

If, after a few weeks of this diet, I am still consistently losing weight, I will keep going, if not, I will go back to the whole not eating any kind of unhealthy food stuffs attitude for the remaining months of my new body quest.

I will do a weekly blog post to keep you up to date on my weight loss journey for the biggest weekend of my life!

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!


  1. Huge masshosive piles of Luck!

    Y'know, I reccoment weight watchers online, I've lost 1st 10lb so far..

  2. The big long message I sent by Jon's ID by accident...!

    It basically said that I am going along the same lines and have finally given in and parted with the cash and joined an online slimming club. I have zero will power and little inclination to exercise but I have 10 months to lose my "baby" weight (yes, they are still getting the blame!!). I aim to be able to feel good in a bikini for our first ever hliday abroad together and with the kids for my 30th next year...if I don't lose the weight no one will be having a holiday! Simples...'cept it's not WAAAAAH!!

    Diet going well though. Easy to follow. Am already losing weight, 12st4 1/2 to 11st 12 1/4 in just a few days. FINGERS CROSSED (and lips sewn together) ;o) xx

    We can do this TOGETHER!

  3. If any 'diet' worked, there's only be one book. But there's THOUSANDS. You know where I am if you need me! ;))