Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Escaping the House (Pt 2) - What I pack

Following on from a previous blog, giving my tips for escaping the house with my 4 children and having a stress and meltdown free day, I was also asked what things I pack in my baby bag to get us through an entire day away from home.

If you missed the first blog, you can find it here.

I try and keep things as minimal as possible, as I tend to do most things with the children alone, and I can't manage masses of 'luggage' and the 4 kids all at once!

If we are out for the day I will pack according to our destination, but the items on the following list are my basic staples that I will just add to depending on the venue.

1. Nappies/Diapers

Che turned 2 at the end of October and we are yet to start potty training with him, so nappies are essential!
I tend to pack about 5 disposable nappies (yes, I know, bad for the environment, but I just didn't have it in me to parent 4 children and be super-eco-mum at the same time) Che doesn't tend to need more than 3 or 4 changes a day now.

2. Wet wipes

These are a must wherever we go!
Essential for nappy changes, obviously, but also for 4 sets of sticky fingers.
Falling over is a given when out and about with my active brood, so wet wipes come into their own, especially in muddy conditions!

3. Antibacterial hand gel

When visiting Zoo's or even friends or family that have pets, the anti-bac hand gels are a must.
They are small enough to carry in my handbag and give peace of mind that if I can not get straight to a washroom, a wet wipe and some anti-bac gel will do the trick.

4. Tissues

A small handy pack of tissues, to wipe noses and dry tears, should they occur.

5. Calpol and syringe

Che is still of the age where he dislikes medicines on a spoon, so a med syringe is the way to go for him.
The girls don't mind using the syringe either, so it saves on carrying an extra spoon.
I don't carry a bottle of Calpol with me, as not only would this be bulky and sticky, it would also be dangerous, given it's glass container. I prefer to use the sachets, which are equal to 1x5ml spoonful, which can easily be syringed up, or, if you are an 8 year old tom-boy, sucked straight from the sachet!!

6. First Aid Kit

Antiseptic spray, band aids, sterile pads and a bandage. I carry these in a small zip lock bag along with the Calpol, syringe, antibacterial hand gel etc. It has come to be quite useful on occasion!

7. Muslin Square

Useful for many things. I have used one for spillages, a shade from the sun (hung from the hood of the stroller) a nose wipe (when tissues were not handy) and even a toy tie!

8. Paper & Crayons

Supermarkets are great for things like these. I buy 4 packs of crayons/pencils (contains 6 different colours. Crayons are better as they don't require sharpening!) and 4 'memo pads' which are the perfect size for tiny hands.
These are fantastic on longer journeys in the car, train or plane. They are also great when in cafes/restaurants when the children are at that tired, hungry and whiny stage and have to wait for food, or even to encourage them to stay at the table until everyone has finished!

I have also been known to use them while waiting in shops in the queue for the checkout, in busier times. The children sit on the floor by the stroller and either write or draw in their own little books.

9. Drinks and snacks/picnic food

Having 4 children, eating and drinking out becomes very expensive! I always make sure that each of my children have their sports beaker topped up with their drink of choice (either water or very diluted cordial)
I keep a spare big bottle of water in the car (freshened daily!) to make sure everyone is properly hydrated.

I pack a small(ish!) insulated bag with sandwiches, fruit, and snacks (bread sticks, crackers, biscuits, cupcakes, crisps, cocktail sausages, squeezy tube yoghurt's etc) and a couple of ice packs to keep everything cool and fresh.

What essentials can you not leave the house without?


  1. Oh my god you seriously are supermum. I am going to love reading your blog for tips. I pack everything and anything in bags. I always want to have what I need x

  2. Haha! Not 'Supermum' at all! I have just had many years of perfecting the contents of my baby bag!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, it is greatly appreciated x