Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal Plan Monday!

I have been doing this for a while at home now, but have never really shared it on the blog, so I thought that I'd jump on the band waggon!

I get asked a lot how I keep on top everything that 4 young children come with and feed them well, without breaking the bank.

Well, the most common reason for breaking into your overdraft is your expenditure on groceries!
How much do you throw out every week? How many times have you looked in your over flowing freezer and said "There's nothing to eat!"? How many times a week (or night!) to you groan, trying to think of something to cook for the family?

We are all guilty of that from time to time, but making a menu plan helps to not only use the food stock we already have in our home, it cuts out the annoying " Muuuuuuum!, what's for dinner?" And it also reduces the amount we spend in the shops.

Every Monday, I shall be posting my weeks menu plan, I also have a baking day, in which I make homemade treats with the children for that week.
I also try to make one or 2 meals a week a cheats dinner where I cook double the amount of meat for example and use it over 2 days/meals, so there is less cooking, they will be labelled with a '*'

Monday:      Spaghetti and HM *Chicken Meatballs in a HM tomato sauce.
Tuesday:      *Chicken and potatoes with cabbage and carrots.
Wednesday: Baked potatoes with Baked Beans
Thursday:    *Pork Risotto
Friday:         HM Sausage Pie with HM Baked Potato Wedges
Saturday:     HM Pizza and Salad
Sunday:       *Pork Roast Dinner

Baking - Chocolate Brownies.

If anyone would like recipes for any of the above, please leave a comment below and I will post. I will set up a recipe tab and add them all there when I have a little more time!

What are you having for dinner this week?


  1. Wow seriously. Supermum. The more I read the more I want to be you.
    I would be interested in recipes for pork risotto and
    Chick meatballs. If you have cooked the meat do you refrigate and jut warm ?

  2. Hi InnocentCharmer,
    I have placed the 2 recipes on the 'Recipes' page for you (tab at the top of the blog)I hope you find them useful.

    With regards to the left over meats, yes, I cook then refridgerate in air tight containers (or freeze if I am using at a later date) and then just reheat in the oven/hob (depending on what recipe calls for) when needed.