Wednesday, 1 January 2014

December Favourites

How quickly did December fly by?!

Here is a quick round up of my festive favourites!

It just had to be top of this list, didn't it?
The children's faces as they realise Father Christmas has been. The smell of the Christmas dinner cooking away in the oven. The sound of everyone completely relaxed and enjoying the day and their new gifts.
The naff Christmas telly. It's all there :)

Yankee Candles
I love a beautiful smelling candle, as will become apparent in a little while, but my most favourite at Christmas time is the gorgeous 'Christmas Treats' scented Yankee Candle.
Freshly baked Christmas Cookies in a jar? Yes please!

Glade Candles
The wonderful folks at Glade sent me some of their new scented candle range and I fell in love with
'Spiced Apple and Cinnamon' before I'd even managed to remove the packaging!
It's a gorgeous smell and very festive, although I can definitely see myself using this one all through the autumn/winter months, as it really is that good!
This candle gives off a beautiful scent even when it's not lit. However when you burn this particular one, it fills your home amazingly well. Love it!

Fairy lights
Who doesn't love fairy lights at this time of year?
The beautiful twinkling, the soft glow, the ambiance.. In fact, I'm so in love with the coziness that fairy lights create, I am looking into purchasing some decorative ones so that they can be up all year round.

Home made Decs
Not exclusively a December/Christmas thing, as the children and I enjoying making decorations for all holidays and special occasions, but December is the month that we spend most time on them.

I love the time that December and Christmas/New Year affords us to be with our family and close friends.
I would be lost without them. It's a very special time of year to reflect and spend some quality time in each others company.

Coca Cola 
I think that I may have done a little wee in my pants when I realised that the Coca Cola truck was coming to our city! Since I was tiny, every December, that notorious advert would be broadcast on our telly box at every possible opportunity.
Sing it with me now.."Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming..."
It had to be done, right?!
It's iconic. I loved it. The kids, well.. Maybe not so much, but they did get a free mini can of coke out of it, so, ya know..

What have you been up

to this December? 
Do you have some favourites you would like to share?

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