Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Homemade Christmas

It has become a bit of a family tradition of ours to make some of our own Christmas decorations each year to decorate our home with.

Each week we make 1 or 2 more items to hang around the living room. This activity gives both me and my children such pleasure. It is a team effort, yet each child gets an individual part to play, which allows them to really show off their personalities and creativity.

Here I show you what we have made so far.

Paper Chains: These are the pre-made, lick to stick kinds, as, well who has the time or patience to sit there and cut out 300 odd strips of paper to glue together? Certainly not me! Ours were purchased from Baker Ross this year.

Nativity Bunting: We all know the story, and although we are not a religious family, I do think it's important for my children to grow up knowing the story of Christmas. Here is a small video clip showing our Nativity in all of it's Sunglasses-clad-Joseph glory! (in my defense, I did say that these activities were insights into the kids personalities!!) This was also purchased from Baker Ross.

Family Hand Print Christmas Tree: This one gets bigger and better with each year! It's amazing to see how much their little hands have grown! (it also includes Mum and Dad's hand prints)

Patterned Stars: These cute stars were taken from the amazing Kate, at Picklebums.
You can find the instructions here.

Snowflake Stars: I love how simple yet effective these are! We have made them for a few years now, in varying sizes, patterns, colours and papers.  They are quite difficult to explain how to make, yet, Jessica at How about Orange seems to manage it with ease, and also provides a very handy print out (here), so you don't even have to make the template  yourself! 

I will endeavor to add another post next week with the rest of our handiwork that we have yet to add to our Christmassy collection, including the children sewing and decorating their own stockings!

What do you think? Do you make your own decorations?

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