Monday, 22 November 2010

What ever happened to...

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Is it me, or are children's clothes not made to last longer then a week these days?

When I was growing up clothes seemed to last forever.
Coming from a big family, everything (where possible and within reason) was passed down from sibling to sibling.

I don't remember many things breaking or becoming damaged over the years. I also don't recall my mother or Grandmother sitting for hours on end repairing things.

Things back then were made better. I'm sure of it. My Nan used to work for a clothing company called Dash, as did my Grandad and Uncle. A lot of our clothes came from there.

My Nan was a seamstress. She used to make a lot of clothes.
My Mother used to be a rather spectacular award winning ballroom dancer, back in the days before Strictly, and my Nan would design and make all of her competition dresses. They were truly amazing. (I shall find some old photos and post them at some point)

These days clothes don't seem to be made to the same kind of specifications as the ones I grew up wearing.
For example, zips.

Zips are the bane of my life at the moment. Not only does Drew break any coat that has a zip in a 100 mile radius, but it seems that our three daughters are all following his lead.

Last week saw all three of the girls winter coats go zip less!!

Is it just my hefty handed brood that seem to have so many problems with these 'tricky' little buggers or is it just a sign of the times? A way for clothing manufacturers to get more money by making us parents folk out for at least 2 winter coats a year?!

With four little kids to kit out each season it's not easy on the bank balance as it is, but having to shell out for a further 3 coats all in one week is ridiculous!

I can't even blame one particular shop, brand or company, as all 3 coats were from different retailers, made by different companies!

Maybe I'm being too harsh on clothing brands. Maybe it's whom ever makes zips that are using shoddy materials and passing them onto the unsuspecting clothing companies to use on their products? Either way, I'm bloody annoyed!

Maybe someone would like me and my family to review and more importantly product test their winter coats? They would certainly get a rigorous testing in this house!

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