Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's Song Time!!

Following the success of the Zingzilla's Album, the BBC, or more specifically, Cbeebies, are about to release a 2 disc 'Song Time' Album featuring all of your children's favourite Cbeebies theme tunes and songs.

I was asked to review the Cbeebies Song Time album, which will be available to buy at all good retailers from Monday 22 November 2010, and I have to admit that the kids were very excited by it.

As soon as the CD arrived, the children were left in no doubt as to what I was holding in my hand.
With its distinctive bright red cover and yellow Cbeebies 'blobs' mingling with various Cbeebies show characters, it is certainly going to pull in its target audience.

After listening to the album, the older girls and I agreed that it is definitely more geared towards preschoolers, as it contains a lot of show theme tunes, as opposed to the many actual songs in the shows.

The album was a huge hit with the 2 little ones in the family though, who sung and danced through the entire playlist of 50 songs, and with a retail price of under £9.00, this is a great Christmas present for your little ones and great value too, at under 18 pence a song!
Who said that Christmas had to be expensive?!

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