Sunday, 29 August 2010

Starting from scratch

Having a big-ish family, it's difficult to keep everyone happy in the food stakes, but thankfully, I usually have a few tricks up my sleeve!

I try to cook as much as I can from scratch for the family. This is no easy task, as I have the ultimate in fussy eaters!

I am one of these mothers who, rightly or wrongly, cooks separate meals for certain members of the family.
(Well, I say separate meals.. It's really a variation of the same meal, most days) I also have to say at this point that the main culprit of this would, in fact be Drew...

I don't tend to follow lots of recipes. I will try some out and then make my own version of it the next time.
I try to batch cook and freeze ahead, where possible.

Having four small children and a very busy routine means I don't always have the time, nor the energy to cook, so my chest freezer really is a life saver.

So here are some of the delights that have graced our tables over the past weeks.

Vegetable Shepherds Pie

Apple Flan

Chicken Curry with boiled rice and mini poppadoms

Iced Banana Cake

Tomato Pasta, with Roast Chicken, Veg and Cheesy toast

Strawberry Flan

Vegetable stew

Iced Vanilla Sponge Cake

These meals always seem to go down well and are firm favourites in our house!

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  1. OMG,I wanna move into your house,food looks lush :)