Monday, 10 February 2014

Too Much?

Maybe I'm trying to do too much today?

I came home from the school run, and started cleaning the house. I cleared the breakfast dishes, and washed everything up. Next I wiped down all of the surfaces in my living/dining room, and kitchen.

I then got distracted, playing with Marvin, our new puppy. He sat at my feet with his tiny tennis ball in his mouth, looking up at me with his big puppy dog eyes... After a few rounds of fetch in the garden, It started to rain. Marv does not do rain.

We came in and got warmed up, which involved lots of pup cuddles. It was then that I noticed how horrendously gross my oven had become. I absolutely hate cleaning ovens. And this oven hadn't been cleaned in around 4 months. I know, I know, that really is disgusting, and looking at it now, I can't believe I'd left it this long.

So out came the racks and the insulating glass and I left them to soak in a cleaning solution while I got on with scrubbing the glass doors. This was when I once again became distracted.

The two Labradors next door were going a little batshit crazy, barking and dashing around the house and garden. This in turn sent my little Marvin into a I'm-so-freaking-scared-I'm-gonna-shake-and-pee-all-over-your-kitchen kinda mood. His whining and unfortunately his bladder went into overdrive and my kitchen floor transformed into a small river.

By the time I had mopped up all of the dog pee, it was time to go get my little dude from nursery, and make his lunch, have a few cuddles, talk about his day...

In conclusion, my oven is still filthy. The glass and the doors look amazeballs but the inside, well, hasn't even been touched yet. It can wait just one more day..Right?

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