Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Science and Faith

Sunday 10th November 2013 was the day that my gorgeous littlest niece, Lily was Christened.

She donned the beautiful silk and lace gown, and everyone dressed up and went along to the Church to see her blessing. It was beautiful. 

Two of my younger sisters became Lily's Godparents, and there were smiles all round.

There was however, awkwardness, and tension, on my part. You see, as much as I loved seeing my baby niece, and indeed all of my other nieces, nephews, brother and sisters be Christened, I myself don't believe. 

My husband and I are not believers of God, and are not religious in the slightest. We encourage our four children (whom had a naming ceremony, and were appointed 'Guardians') to be open, and respectful to all, and we have always made them aware that whatever they do or believe in, in life, that that is fine with us and that we will support them. 

Our Children learn about all kinds of religion at school and we talk openly at home, and they ask questions about things they don't understand, and my husband and I do our best to answer those questions. We don't encourage our children to attend a church, or say prayers, as that's just not we believe in, however, should they ever ask to go to church, I would be more than happy to take them. I believe that in things like this, children should be allowed to make their own decisions about what makes them happy, and gives them comfort. Just because it's not for me, doesn't mean that none of my children wouldn't find great peace from following a religion, should they so chose. And if that day comes, and they would like to be Christened, for example, I would be more than willing to make those arrangements. 

As beautiful as Christenings are, and as much as I respect them, I would feel hugely hypocritical if I had my children Christened for 'no reason'. My family do not attend church. We do not follow a religion, so why would I have them Christened? For gifts? For a party? I don't know what non religious people do it for, but I know many who do. This is why, despite opposition from our children's grandparents, we decided not to. 

Sure we celebrate Christmas, and Easter etc.. Do I feel hypocritical about those dates. Well, yes, a little, but for me it's all about spending time with your loved ones and making them feel special, wanted and loved. We need more days like that. Days where everyone comes together and spends quality time with each other. 
In today's busy world, those select few days each year give us something to look forward to, and I most certainly do not feel guilty about that. 

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