Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Arts and Craft Corner - Stained glass window

This summer, the children and I have been using different mediums to create art work.

I thought I'd post this while I had 5 minutes without Che clinging to my arm, so I apologise if it's a little rushed!

This project was one that I remembered from my early school days it simply involves paper as a base, with cut out 'windows' with coloured tissue paper stuck behind.

We started with a very simple design so that the children understood the concept of the project.

We then progressed to larger more complicated designs, like this butterfly.

We drew the design on some paper with a marker. I explained that the lines of the pattern needed to be reasonably thick so that the tissue paper has something to stick to.

We then cut the design out..

We then stuck the tissue paper in the gaps (to the back of the design) using a glue stick.

Ashley decided she wanted all of her butterfly to be purple.

Here are our finished designs, displayed on the window for all to see!

We think they look very effective!
What do you think?

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