Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snow days and Family play

We woke up on Sunday morning to find that it had snowed through the night.
What surprised me the most was that Che was the most excited!

Being 2 years old, this is the first 'real' snow for Che, who was wrapped up toasty and warm in his stroller during last years snowfall, so when we opened the curtains, and the girls started shouting about a 'winter wonderland', Che stood on his toy box to stare out of the window and shouted
"Snow, Mumma, Snow! Lets go, now, now, NOW!!"

After breakfast, we went about the task of getting all 4 children kitted out for some fun in the snow, this takes a bit of time, but luckily, I had just re-organised our porch and had everything we needed to hand, so we got it down to 15 minutes, which is a record for us!

(L-R) Bailey (4), Che (2), Ashley (7) and Lauryn (8).

Out we headed into the -3* weather, luckily the wind chill was down, so it actually didn't feel too cold, which allowed us to stay out for almost 3 hours before the little ones started to complain!

We headed to the local wood, which sits at the bottom of a hill and had great fun sledging! Che's face was priceless, I only wish that I could have got a photo of him, but he was going so fast! (Daddy was at the bottom being the catcher/sledge stopper!)

After around an hour and a half of sledging, we decided to have a family snowball fight, make snow angels, and generally run about being silly in the snow!

What outdoor activites have you been enjoying with your family?

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