Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Days out with larger families

Who said that 2.4 children is the 'norm' these days?
And come to thing of it, what on earth is .4 of a child?

I honestly don't class my family as 'large'. I mean, 4 children isn't that many, is it?
Who decided that 3 is OK, but when you add a 4th, it just gets a bit too much?

When you decide to take that big leap from three to four children, the thing that is right up there on my list of irritants, is admission prices.
As if taking your family out wasn't expensive enough, theme parks, holiday venues, zoo's and the like, still, even in 2012 fail to recognise families with more than 2 (or if you're really lucky, 3) children.

Wtih shows like '19 kids and counting', 'Kate plus 8', 'Octomum' and most recently, right here in the UK, '15 kids and counting' it's beoming increasingly obvious to the world wide general public, that larger families do infact exist!

With this in mind, why haven't companies realised that there is clearly a need for them to cater for bigger families?

If a theme park or any other type of venue were to offer competitive pries for my brood, I would be much more inclined to visit. Prices of admission really do dictate where our family spends the holidays.

Maybe some kind of sliding scale or discounted rates for extra children that could be added to the prices of a family ticket to make entrence that much more affordable?
Possibly something similar to the 'group' entry prices that small-'large' families could benefit from, but currently don't qualify for..?

If you know of any venues that offer competitive rates for larger families, please do add them to the comments box below, email them across or Tweet them to me!

What are your thoughts?
Does the cost of admission affect your destination choices?
Do you think that there should be consideration for larger families?

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