Thursday, 30 September 2010

Warm and Cosy(toes)

With autumn almost bypassing us by hitting us with wintery weather, I thought that now is the time to start buying in all of the winter weather gear for the four children. This included a cosytoes for Che's new stroller.

Che being my fourth baby, I am well versed in buying cosytoes for the stupid amount of pushchairs I have 'roadtested' over the years. This time around however, there are an endless list of products on the market for keeping our babies warm and dry.

The aim of my shopping mission was to find a cosytoes that matched the gorgeous electric blue of Che's new O'Baby Atlas Circles stroller. And, to also be big enough and of course warm enough for it to last him until he no longer needs to be pushed about.

It's not very often, when looking for a baby product, that I find everything I'm looking for all in one place, so I was beyond happy when I stumbled across the website for Little Snuggler.

After looking through the gorgeous fleece fabrics, I settled upon the super cute 'Little Monsters' design and hastily added it to my basket.

Three days later, Che was the proud owner of a beautiful new cosytoes which would last him until he's around 3years old!

The little Dude's verdict? He loves it! He chats non stop to the monsters and pulls at them to see more. Now he has mastered a new word 'Look', he is constantly pointing and shouting at me to look at his new favourite thing about his buggy.

I love the fact that the Little Snuggler is bright, stylish and comfortable. As it also offers 2 double layers of fleece fabric to add extra warmth and comfort to your baby/toddlers journey, my frequent walking expeditions throughout the winter will no longer be a worry.

If you too are in the process of looking to keep your children warm this winter, do take a look at the Little Snuggler website and check out the gorgeous designs for both boys and girls.

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